Startup Idea Execution

Feasibility Analysis

In this competitive world, to gain an edge over your competitors, its necessary and mandatory to do thorough feasibility analysis. Feasibility analysis gives a road map to the company, as to formulate proper business plan, can do market research and find out potential customers.


For survival and sustenance and gradually getting hold of market, its necessary to document goals, strategies, vision, projects, target segment, keys to success, proper business plan, financial data, financial analysis, Business products and services, Milestones. Each and every bit, helps the organisation in achieving profitable results. Yantrika’s Technologies, helps you in your journey and makes your pathway easier.

Product Journey & Milestones

Once the project is been finalised, we handhold our clients in chalking out step by step methods, Successful product or services delivers more value to customers/clients than its cost. Yantrika’s Technologies helps in identifying at each stage, whether your product/services helps in capturing more market, achieve the best results and strong user engagement and customer retention. Casey Winters captures this well: “Product-market fit is retention that allows for sustained growth.”

Assistance in Getting VC Fund

Starting up a new venture and getting adequate funds without a much hassle, is dream of every organisation. Yantrika’s technologies, will not only assist you in finding out your investment, capital required, It will also help you in preparing Venture Capital Term Sheet and provides complete assistance in getting VC Fund.

“Give wings to your dreams, by turning your idea into an app”. At Yantrika’s we strongly believe that if an App is able to transpire emotions of its creator, it has the power to inspire the Human Mankind Evolution. In today’s world, wherein technology has taken a leap, its necessary to move with the time and provide user friendly and customer friendly solutions. In just one touch on phone, we can capture the whole world…Yantrika’s technologies…not only understands your dreams, your projects but also help you in flying high…by creating apps , which further boost and gives strength to your business. We provide tailor made solutions, so as to our clients can achieve high profits. Read More

Online Reputation Building

In this Digital World, to gain competitive edge and to be on driver’s seat, online reputation plays the most crucial role. It boosts your popularity, helps in achieving trust of the customers and clients, gain reputation in the market. At Yantrika’s, we help our clients in building reputation by bringing them up on all the Social Media platforms and creating awareness about the brand by providing cutting edge solutions.

Leads Generation

Lead Generation is the most important step in taking your business to next level. Yantrika’s provides one stop shop of all the processes and the methods which helps in lead generation like SEO, Pay Per Click, Google Ad Campaigns, EMail Campaign, SMS Campaign, Whatsapp Campaign, offering lots of opportunities to customers and clients, networking, SMM etc

Sales Management

Right from approaching the client, taking care of client needs and expectations, providing solution to the clients, close sale and follow up…Whole cycle of Sales Management is well taken care of by Yantrika’s technologies so that our client can have win win situation in the market.

Business Process Modelling & Analytics

Setting up a business is easy, but to ensure that it remains ongoing aligns with all the processes so that company can achieve maximum ROI is a tedious task. We at Yantrika’s technologies…will provide you complete guidance and analysis ,so as to ensure business is on the right track and achieving desired output and results.