Online Reputation building

Listing Across Top Reputed Platforms

There is no straight forward answer as to which Social Media platform, business should use so as to attain more profits and to gain market reputation. Yantrika’s Technologies, help their clients in not only assessing the feasibility of Social Media platforms but also gaining world wide listing across top reputed platforms. We provide complete solution to our clients.

Strong Profiles Creation On Major SM Platforms

Its necessary that your company should have effective profile creation on all major Social Media Platforms so that you can target more and more clients and customers for your entity, which in turn yields huge profits. Yantrika’s Technologies helps their clients in creating engaging profiles on behalf of them on all Social Media platforms.

Story Making For Regular Social Media Posts To Create Fanbase

To Create Fanbase- If you want to build your brand, engage your prospects, and increase sales, it takes time and work. In today’s competitive world, you need to stand out from the plethora of your competitors, social media influencers and other big names. Yantrika ‘s Technologies helps you in creating and posting your regular Social Media posts to gain more and more fanbase and more demands for your company’s products and services.

Reviews Management

To keep a track and monitor your company’s performance, proper review management is necessary, which will help in filling the gaps and make amendments accordingly so that your company can soar high and you can achieve your goals and targets easily.

Press Releases Publishing

A Press Release is an Excellent Public Relations & Marketing Tool. With Press Releases Publishing you can reach broader segment of customers and clients. Yantrika’s Technologies helps your organisation in creating Press Releases to reach world wide audience, to grab more hold in the market and to be a potential employer, where every clients and customers would love to work with.

Work Towards Securing Verified Profile Status

To receive verified profile status, your account should be authentic, notable. Verified Profile helps in gaining trust between your company and customers and clients. Yantrika’s Technologies work with your team in securing verified profile status so as to gain foothold in the market.

Optimized Paid Campaigns

Campaign Optimization means steps taken by an organisation , to increase their performance through different channels. Yantrika’s technologies helps in optimizing performance of an organisation, helps them in generating huge revenue & profits by following different digital marketing strategies.

RealTime Response To Fan/Client

Real Time Fan/Client based engagement strategy is an important tool for any organisation. It helps to build long lasting relationships with clients/customers, inspires future communication and creates fans for your brand. At Yantrika’s we take your load off to be responsive at real time on your online presence (Website Chat Bot, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn YouTube, Twitter Messengers & reply to Post Comments.

Highly Engaging Campaigns Ideas

Through right mix of marketing strategies & marketing content, highly engaging campaigns can be created, which draws & appeals to all customers & clients. Its necessary to make campaigns that have more social appeal, it should connect with the right audience. Yantrika’s technologies creates and handles highly engaging campaign ideas for our clients to have an upper hand in the market