Business Data Analysis

Analysing Financial Health Of Organisations

Smooth functioning of Organisation requires adequate funds at all the time to cover current expenses and accommodate successive future plans. It becomes imperative to deduce current Financial Health of your organisation to do an effective planning so as to monitor, whether we need to expand expenses and funds or shrink it. It helps you to reason & revise your working rates and deduce your per hour cost. Its always the foremost and most important step to take corrective financial decision before it reflects in your Balance Sheet at the end of Financial Year.

Gap Anyalysis

Sometimes a small change works wonder to transform from non-working to exceeding expectations.” A constant research and analysis is required to be conducted to pop out all the inherent gaps prevalent in the organisation setup and operations. These small voids if closed can increases company’s output, meets customer expectations, raises morale of employees, investors, clients and customers and even vendors. At Yantrika’s we setup a right matrix between all the stake holders at different levels of organisation so as to get perfect permutation and combination which would bring success to the organisation. The end goal is find out DNA of issues before actually deciding to rectify it.

Finding Response rate

Clients prefer to on-board vendors who has response time nearing 100%. In any organisation, clients/customers seeks to get responses from vendors at no turn around time, through different channels like Emails, SMS, Whatsapp, Website Chat Bot, Customer Support Portal, Social Media Messenger, Social Media Posts, Third Party Bidding Portal, Online meetings, Offline meetings etc. We take into account all the viable mediums in your organisation and find out the response rate at different levels. We at Yantrika’s helps you to identify, which segment of hierarchy is non-responsive & will try to rectify it.

Progress Comparison Summary

Every organisation intends to progress in successive years. However, progress doesn’t mean only Financial growth, it also includes:
  • Better Employee Retention Rate
  • More business from Recurring Clients
  • Increase in Number of Clients
  • New Technologies & Services
  • Increase in Service Areas
  • Certifications/Awards/Accolades/Recognition
  • Achievement of Employees
  • More & More Positive Reviews & Testimonials from Clients & Customers
  • Critical Case Studies
We conduct a Y-O-Y assessment based on all the relevant factors to be taken into account and calculate the angle of elevation.

VC Funds Report

In order to assimilate flawless functioning of development, sales, marketing, advertising and various other activities within an organisation supported by Venture Capitalist Funds, you ought to have a VC funds reports – one for internal assessment and another for VC Board. We create a matrix that help you analyse:
  • Is the spent made correctly as per mentioned in signed VC Agreements.
  • How much increase/decrease in the next funding is anticipated.

Assistance In Product/Service Costing sheet

The costing of individual Product or Service is calculated based on Direct and Indirect expenses incurred on development of product/service and the profit margin on it. Yantrika’s Technologies helps you in making the right matrix so as to find out the expenses right from the scratch, i.e. from Planning to Development, Quality, Packaging, Delivery, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Certifications, Licensing, Approvals etc. Furthermore, we provide handholding so that you can deduce high profit margins and can make huge profits to be at par or more with your competitors.

Workforce Planning Report

In today’s competitive world, many companies fails to deliver or executes projects/ services due to no proper Workforce Planning. Employees are the crux of any organisation. For progressive organisations, its really very important ,that planning should be done regarding the requirement of Workforce, how to utilise competencies of existing workforce , so as to get maximum results and huge profits. We, at Yantrika’s devise a Human Resource Forecasting Sheet for different levels as per the project requirements based on the existing & pipelined projects. It would help you to chalk out your Hiring & Relieving plan prior hand and not to waste your resources.

Appraisal Analysis Report

Employees needs to be appraised:
  • To reduce attrition rate of an Organisation
  • To Increase Job Satisfaction
  • To recognise their efforts
  • To let them feel, they are the important part of the Organisation
  • To help them overcome inflation and cost of living
  • To provide them the opportunity to grow in the Organisation
We at Yantrika’s helps our clients in conducting 540 degree Performance Appraisal System , i.e, reviews by Onsite Manager, Reporting Manager, Top Management, HR , Peers/ Subordinates, Customers & Clients, which enables our clients to fill in the gaps in their company and can earn profits.

Incentive & Bonus Analysis

“Extra income is you actual saving.” If any projects exceeds expectations, incentive must be given to all the stake holders involved; and if organisation has done exceptionally well in a quarter or financial year, bonus must be given to all.
However a rigorous study needs to be made on the project to perform the accountancy of expenses incurred and revenue generated and to derive a formula that is very much project specific to come up with the team incentive sheet.
In case of Bonus, we can help you in creating formula to create bonus sheet based upon the numbers you make in your Balance Sheet.