Artificial Technology: A Saviour for many.

Technology in terms of AI development is just not a myth nowadays. We have realized about the Dubai airport to be one of its kind and a highly secure travel terminal for the people to roam around without carrying an ID proof because their own face and iris will be recognized and used as a passport. Thus, this will also improve the striking numbers of Covid-19 with touch-free traveling and make tourism safer.

This AI-based face and iris recognizable technology have become a freeway for routine travelers. The installation may sound a bit costly but it gives the passengers to do a hassle-free check-in and luggage drop with the least time to be consumed. A smart tunnel installed in October 2018, is used to recognize the passengers based upon their face and iris which are directly linked to their passport and creates a virtual identification for security clearance which allows them to roam freely at the airport.

In today’s era, this AI-based technology is already doing wonders with Dubai being the first to be renowned. Further, we can see the entire world to adapt this and be helpful to become a savior for other needful spaces of crimes and investigations as well.

Just think of a world united by technology, seems pretty amazing to us.

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Artificial Technology: A Saviour for many.

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  1. Yes, that’s true. UAE has always been trying to step ahead in implementing latest technologies in Dubai. Inshallah we will show more to the world.

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